1939 Blogathon: Young Mr. Lincoln

5 thoughts on “1939 Blogathon: Young Mr. Lincoln”

  1. Kitty – I didn’t know you had an eye for Hopsy!
    I’ve always thought Henry Fonda was a great young Abe. His screen persona seemed so Abe-like – idealistic, committed, honorable. I saw this film for the first time when I was about 12, too, and it made strong impression. In those days I had no idea who John Ford was and didn’t realize that the film was expressing its director’s ideals as much as it was representing the early days of a revered president. Excellent “unofficial” post!

    1. Cheers, medear! And oh yes– was I ever hot for Hopsy!! I remember getting AMC’s monthly magazine in the mail and clipping photos from The Lady Eve and gluing them into the inside pocked of my TrapperKeeper. (God… remember those?)

  2. Beautiful write-up on a great film – I love your point about Ford creating not so much history as poetry (and your description about ‘melt in your mouth languor’ is poetic, too!) Fonda is so good in a quiet way in this movie – if you haven’t seen him in other Ford films, I recommend checking out My Darling Clementine and Fort Apache, both wonderful (and beautifully photographed) films.

    1. Thank you so much for the post and for stopping by the Pictorial! My Darling Clementine, for me, really is a visually perfect film!

  3. Really enjoyed this review – I’ve been trying to get into Ford lately (my favourites out of those I’ve seen so far are Stagecoach and The Searchers) and will hopefully be watching both this one and My Darling Clementine very soon! To be honest, I do struggle with some aspects of his films, mainly some of the humour and the sentimental bits, like all the Irish ballads in Rio Grande, but will persevere.

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