Charade (1962)

This film is a fine bottle of 1962 French romantic-comedy that has aged with the same charm and class as its lead characters. From the opening titles, you know you’ve got yourself a winner: directed by Stanley Donen, music by Henry Mancini, title cards by Bruce Binder, Audrey in Givenchy. A real 90-pointer. Grant and … Continue reading Charade (1962)

Gotta Hand it to ya, Ann

Sexy “Oomph Girl” Ann Sheridan (sorry Ann–we know you hated that nickname, but darn it all if it doesn’t fit!) packed a walloping punch of ooh-la-la. Beautiful, ballsy and brainy, she was an electrical presence on screen that could rescue any picture from a case ho-hum doldrumery. (<–not a word. but ought to be.) TCM … Continue reading Gotta Hand it to ya, Ann

Chaplin Fashion

Katie, who runs the ever-fabulous OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR blog, posted  this recap of John Galliano’s recent fashion show for his 2011 spring collection, the inspiration of which happened to be none other than The Little Tramp. Yeah, I know, I flipped out too. It’s SUCH creepy-crazy-cool-concept that I really must tip my hat (or derby, … Continue reading Chaplin Fashion