Chaplin Fashion

Katie, who runs the ever-fabulous OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR blog, posted  this recap of John Galliano’s recent fashion show for his 2011 spring collection, the inspiration of which happened to be none other than The Little Tramp.

Yeah, I know, I flipped out too.

It’s SUCH creepy-crazy-cool-concept that I really must tip my hat (or derby, rather) to  Mr. Galliano for one of the most outrageously fun collections that I’ve ever seen … according to Katie, the show even opened with a model falling out of a giant clock a la Chaplin in Modern Times.

(Although, considering that we’re talking about GALLIANO here, a designer known for his exceedingly imaginative collections, I shouldn’t be too terribly surprised.)

GQ magazine features a full video of the show.

I think Charlie’s reaction is pretty spot-on…

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