Blog it for Baby: The Jean Harlow Blogathon Day 2

2 thoughts on “Blog it for Baby: The Jean Harlow Blogathon Day 2”

  1. What kills me about people who make Gods out of old movie stars is that they forget they were human. Jean Harlow was not the saint that people paint of her and the so called experts even missed the beat of their interviews with Harlow’s friends. They know who they are. I also don’t understand people that live in her houses who let these “Hollywood experts” in. Very creepy. The past is gone and should stay there.

    1. Thanks for sharing– always great to get all points of view!! Funny you should say that about ‘forgetting old movie stars are human’, because for me what was wonderful about spending the day in Harlow’s former residence is that it brought home exactly how human she was! Flesh and blood and flawed and every bit as imperfect as she was marvelous.

      And is it really a healthy thing to allow the past to be ‘gone’? I mean … if you don’t make a conscious effort to remember it, how can you learn from it? (And we’re just shooting ourselves in the foot, aren’t we, if we don’t learn from it!)

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