Bass. Saul Bass.

5 thoughts on “Bass. Saul Bass.”

  1. Those are basically the movie posters of my moviegoing childhood.

    I think Bass must have had a lot of imitators in the 60s — so many other films had similar poster art, with minimalist/cartoon/animation with simple graphics on a contrasting background.

    They remind me of some of my favorites from the period like West Side Story and Dr. Strangelove, which I’m guessing were by others, but in the same style.

  2. How funny you picked up on those particular titles: Saul Bass DID West Side Story and directly influenced Pablo Ferro’s work on Strangelove!

  3. His posters truly are works of art. My favorite is the Advise and Consent poster. I like in a simple way you know a story is about to “break” in Washington. Interesting too that he made posters for so many fantastic movies.

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