Harlow at 100: Day 4 of the Jean Harlow Blogathon

Harlow at 100: Day Four of the Jean Harlow Blogathon!

The Platinum Bombshell. born March 3, 1911

Today is the day, folks!

The hundredth birthday of one cinema’s finest comediennes and a genuinely warm, kind-hearted lady. We are halfway through the Blogathon and you guys are really showing the love. Is today’s lineup ever a lulu! Birthday tributes to the baby are pouring in from all over the globe, it’s truly thrilling!

So many posts to get to, so without further ado:



Very proud to announce that the cineaste gods at MUBI have graced The Blogathon with a lovely tribute to Harlow on the Daily Mubi site. (Thanks so much for sharing in the fun, guys!)

Mythical Monkey

Mythical Monkey joins us as well with a post for Harlow’s Hundredth and he hit’s the nail right on the head: “If she’d just been another pretty face, she would have been forgotten long ago.”


TCM’s Movie News is not an official Blogathon partner, but did plug this lovely mention of the new Harlow exhibit at the Hollywood Max Factor Museum.

Silent Stanzas

Jennifer’s Silent Stanzas chimes in today with “For Harlean” – a beautiful poem for Harlow on her 100th.

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear decided to take a look at Harlow’s work in silent’s with comedy legends Laurel and Hardy. (Ivan’s sister shares Harlow’s birthday so it’s a double treat for him.)

True Classics

Brandie at True Classics has favored the 1936 screball comedy Libeled Lady with She May Be His Wife But She’s Engaged to Me!” It’s The Pictorial’s absolute favorite Harlow film and Brandie definitely does it justice.

Tara Hanks

Tara Hanks’ “American Bombshells: Marilyn and Jean Harlow” makes a great assessment of the careers of both bombshells. As Clara Bow, the first ‘It Girl’, said after Monroe’s death, ‘A sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt and bewildered.’

David Benard

From France we have David Benard with a very beautifully presented post for the Harlow’s centenary. (Joyeux Anniversaire, Baby!)

I’ll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters!

Another newcomer, I’ll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters, (how brilliant of a blog title is that?!?) enters the blogathon today with a fitting tribute.

Silence is Platinum

Jessica at Silence is Platinum offers a very personal account of what makes Harlow so special.


Kevin at Clarosureaux is back today, this time taking on the Harlow classic Bombshell (Hollywood historians take special note of his post– he needs your help!)

Carole & Co.

Vincent from Carole & Co. returns with a tribute to Harlow – even bestowing his Lombard avatar with Harlow’s image for the occasion! (Awww, thanks Vincent!)

Edward Copeland on Film

One of the more comprehensive entries to date is Josh’s “Centennial Tribute” to Jean over at Edward Copeland on Film.

11 East 14th Street

Of equal depth is Gene from 11 East 14th Street with “My Search for Jean Harlow”—a fascinating in depth look into the woman who became the legend.

Noir and Chick Flicks

And finally, into the fray comes Dawn at Noir and Chick Flicks who has prepared a terrific review one of the less discussed of Harlow’s films, Suzy.


(Apologies if I missed anyone on today’s update– you will absolutely make it for tomorrow’s edition!)

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