Marty Scorsese & the Great LACMA Crusade

2 thoughts on “Marty Scorsese & the Great LACMA Crusade”

  1. Go Marty! I can’t believe that LACMA is doing such a thing. How disturbing. And with as much money that is in the Hollywood community I can’t believe a few of the actors, producers, directors, etc. – the one’s that make 5, 10, 15, 20+ million dollars a picture – not a just a year – but per film – cannot donate enough money to keep such programs alive. Ridiculous.

    1. it is THOROUGHLY ridiculous, Robby.
      and it makes LACMA look just plain laughable when every other major city has a serious film program. not saying anything against Cinefamily or American Cinematheque, but if New York City has the Film Society of Lincoln Center, The MOMA and the Whitney, then the LACMA should certainly have a program of its own!

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