Favorite Website of the Week: Red Hot Jazz

5 thoughts on “Favorite Website of the Week: Red Hot Jazz”

    1. Yes, that’s a fun one! Louis Armstrong is the cat’s meow, isn’t he? West End Blues is one of my favorite jazz songs of *all* time!

  1. Ah, I am SO at home here. Thank you for being awesome. I have nearly two hundred hours of jazz in my collection; I can’t get enough of it.

    Speaking of the Hot Fives, some of my faves are “My Heart,” “Fireworks,” and “The Gut Bucket Blues”. And, of course, “Basin Street” is an absolute high point. Such an infectious song. I watch the Basin Street performance in The Glenn Miller Story CONSTANTLY. Some of my other favorite songs by King Louis are “Fatha’s Time,” “J.T. Jive,” and “Mack the Knife.”

    I think I’ve said too much. 🙂

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