Blue Peas and other 2 Strip Technicolor Marvels …

7 thoughts on “Blue Peas and other 2 Strip Technicolor Marvels …”

  1. Great post! The first Technicolor film was actually made in 1917. This first process was in use to about 1928. The earlier films you mention was in fact also in Technicolor, but in the more primitive version of the process. I think there was three generations of 2-strip Technicolor until the 3-strip process came in use for animation in 1932. The first live action 3-strip movies were made in 1934.

  2. Yes, thank you very much Jonas for clarifying: I didn’t meant to make it sound as though the earlier films weren’t Technicolor: Toll of the Sea and Phantom of the Opera, etc., used Techinicolor’s Subtractive Cement process. Isn’t it interesting how colorful silent films really were? Like when you watch Ben-Hur: from the first title it’s tinted bright purple–then sepia–then blue–then it’s in Technicolor–then black and white— it’s great stuff, isn’t it?! 🙂

  3. Wow, this is amazing to read about – I never knew much about how Technicolor worked, and hadn’t realised Scorsese had re-created it in ‘The Aviator’. Very interesting!

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