A Tea Break with Joan Fontaine …

11 thoughts on “A Tea Break with Joan Fontaine …”

  1. I just saw here beat the pants off of Jack Jones on Password. He never had a chance, the poor dear.

  2. I must have seen Duke of West Point twenty times. Loved her, Louis Hayward, Richard Carlson,
    Tom Brown and all the others.


  3. joan is my most favorite actress ever! and she even sent me a christmas card last week, what a lovely woman… how i would love to spend a day with her.

  4. A IQ of 160!!! really!!! Lucky for you. What advantage was this for you? Love to know. Thanks for the wonderful movies. Your fan Sherron

  5. Ms Fontaine you appeared so delicate and beautiful in my favorite film of you in Suspicion. Ed Hanson Gloucester Massachusetts

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