Life Magazine 1924 Cartoons – What Makes Actors So Darn Special?

I adore early 20th century magazine cartoons. They’re silly, yes, but ever so pointed and do they ever call a spade a gosh darn spade.

Looking through my collecion of old magazines I came across this Life magazine from 1924 (back then it was more of a fiction & poetry journal instead rather than the pictorial format that later made it famous) and I rather think it still makes a good point even today. I’m a hopeless cinephile, don’t get me wrong, and I made a complete asinine fool of myself when I spotted Gerard Butler at the supermarket not long ago, but the questions posed in this particular editorial cartoon still ring true (in my humble opinion). Just why should screen actors get, shall we say, musical accompaniment when the rest of us don’t? (say, oh i dunno, the middle school teacher’s $35,000 annum as opposed to the actor’s $1 mill+ per picture.)



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