AFI Film Review – The Brothers Bloom

This capriciously offbeat sophomore offering from director Rian Johnson (whose film Brick is an inarguably brilliant must-see) starts off in the tradition of good old-fashioned Hollywood screwball sillies. Rian Johnson’s The Brothers Bloom has charm and charisma and plenty of promise with its premise. Two brothers who have spent their lives telling stories as con-men … Continue reading AFI Film Review – The Brothers Bloom

AFI Film Review – Gogol Bordello Non Stop

Gogol Bordello Non Stop— Directed by Margarita Jimeno, this international Documentary competition offering profiles Gogol Bordello, the New York based ‘Gypsy punk’ band whose frenetic brand of in-your-face extreme exhibitionism has been shock-and-aweing the East Coast underground scene for nearly a decade. Gypsy/punk fusion may sound like strange bedfellows, but after all, ‘It’s all music,’ … Continue reading AFI Film Review – Gogol Bordello Non Stop

AFI Film Fest 2008

Thursday night marked the first of the 11-day 2008 AFI fest here in Hollywood. I’m a wishful would-be writer with a highly undeserved AFI press pass who watched last night’s red carpet gala from out of my foggy bus window (the disagreeable No. 217) while Nouvelle Vague’s ‘Making Plans For Nigel’ wistfully whispered through my … Continue reading AFI Film Fest 2008