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  1. Love the blog!! I think I will be making myself a Gretta Garbo martini paired with “Philadelphia Story”.

  2. Marc Chevalier from The Fedora Lounge here. Something tells me that you would love ’30s-themed “The Cicada Club” at downtown L.A.’s Art Deco Oviatt Building. Have you been?

  3. Hiya, Marc! Just once, ages ago, and have been positively aching to go back. I’m assuming you’re something of a regular?

    1. I used to be a regular, before life got too busy! In fact, I produced a feature-length documentary on the history of the Oviatt Building, which we were lucky enough to screen last November at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre. I’m working on a book about James Oviatt right now.

      1. I envy your life.
        Pea green.

        What an exciting project! I’m a member of American Cinematheque, but I fear I must have been out of the loop about your documentary! (it is quite normal, by the by, for me to be out of the loop!)

        The biographies of historical Los Angelinos have long been a fascination of mine and I look forward to hearing more about your book!

  4. Hi – thank you for writing so eloquently about the screening of Safety Last. For all of the whiz-bang CGI movies I have seen these past 15 years, I cannot recall a single one of them that inspired such shrieks and squeals from the audience as did Harold’s NINETY year old film. The audience was completely caught up with the action, and no doubt reacted just as strongly as audiences in the early 1920s must have responded. What a thrill to be a part of it all.

    Thank you too for linking my name to your article about Safety Last. There are, in fact, two John D. Bengtsons, and the link you provided is to the other John D. Bengtson (how ridiculous does that sound?)

    I have a blog that supplements the material in my three books about the filming locations used by Keaton, Chaplin, and Lloyd, that includes a written tour of Safety Last locations, at My blog has other tours of Hollywood silent film locations one can download.

    If you are so inclined, I would be honored if you would consider revising the link about me to my blog instead.

    Thank you once again for a wonderful story.

  5. Thanks for your wonderfully conceived “Kitty Packard Pictorial”. “Tea Break with Joan Fontaine” was thoroughly delicious. She is still stunningly beautiful (inside and out)! To say that she has and still touches us with her talent and beauty would be an under statement. We love you, Miss Fontaine. Please give her our best.

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