James Cagney: The Ultimate Bad-Ass

6 thoughts on “James Cagney: The Ultimate Bad-Ass”

  1. You did not mention “Lady Killer”, Cagney was a sexy little devil and his comedies were to die for!!!!

  2. Great! Love this article and love Cagney. Especially love him in “Footlight Parade”. Also with Blondell and what a production number…”Shanghai Lil”.

  3. Every time I see a picture of James Cagney smiling, I’m just waiting for him to haul off and kill someone. Love Cagney movies.

  4. As a 32 year old who lives in her head in a Cagney film dream. I love your post. I’ve been obsessed since I first laid eyes on him in Footlight Parade a few years ago. Your post was perfect as my husband’s favorite is Blonde Crazy & Joan herself. Kudos!

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