My Man Van

7 thoughts on “My Man Van”

  1. I just watched Patterns (the film version) with Van Heflin in it. He goes from kind to bitter and scheming very believably.

    The name Van Heflin by itself is just cool.

  2. Great post! I agree with you on so many levels….the craving of candy colored musicals….and a love for Van Heflin. You are right, I was recently watching “Till the Clouds Roll By” and was a little bored if the scene didn’t have Van Heflin in it. Does he die in that? I can’t remember…but if I’m correct in thinking he did I thought “Well not much point in continuing watching this!”
    One of my favorite noirs with him is “Act of Violence” and I drooled over him in “Green Dolphin Street.”

    1. Yeah, Van gets his big deathbed scene towards the end. Don’t think I’ve ever bothered with the last 15 minutes after that!! And OH MAN, Act of Violence is such a first rate thriller! (Really, one of the best L.A. noirs ever filmed.)

  3. You’re right—they can keep that candyfloss Van Johnson guy, the one with the perpetually dumb grin. Heflin has PRESENCE on screen. He also comes across as a thinking adult, which is extraordinarily refreshing and rare. And I love those undercurrents of strange desire he brought to ‘Johnny Eager,’ somehow getting around the Breen office just with eyes, voice, and the desperate way he downed a glass of rotgut whenever scrumptious Robert Taylor was around. Hell, who needs Lana Turner? Enjoyed your terrific post!

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