Gone Too Soon: Robert Walker

4 thoughts on “Gone Too Soon: Robert Walker”

  1. Very nicely done. Evocative — spooky-sad. Murder? No. Manslaughter, absolutely. His doctors either did not notice, or did not care, that Walker had consumed a lot of alcohol before they had arrived on scene. They injected a powerful sedative into a man in the midst of a drinking binge and shut down his respiratory system, killing him witihin minutes. Manslaughter, at least. People still don’t take into account the way alcohol and a depressant can kill much faster together than either alone. Case in point, Whitney Houston. Not much evidence of prescription pills at the scene. But If alcohol was consumed earlier, depending on how long and how much, the result could very welll be the same.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about Walker being cast perfectly for the part of Bruno! Hitch always got it right and boy did he have an eye for talent…who belonged where.

    I really enjoyed your tribute to Walker’s life and career as I didn’t know that much about him.
    A great contribution to the Blogathon! : )

  3. I am visiting from the blogathon…sorry I’m a few days late, but there are just so many wonderful tributes, and I want to read them all.

    Your post is wonderful, and I love all the great pictures. The first time I ever saw Robert Walker was when I was seeking all the Robert Taylor films Net Flix had. I got “Bataan,” and I found him extremely likeable in that film. Then I saw several other “good boy” roles, so by the time I got to “Strangers on a Train,” it seemed so strange to see him as an obsessed murderer. However, he did a super job. Really, he was beyond perfect in that role. I find him especially delightful in “The Clock.”

    To be quite honest, Mr. Walker is the reason I don’t like Jennifer Jones.

    Have a great day,

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