2011 Best of the Blogathons RoundUp

There were many things about 2011 I’d rather forget, and am quite eager to sweep under the rug and write off as a (semi) total loss.

It was, however, a fantastic year for bloggers. And especially so for the classic film community– a niche that hitherto has been of a largely insular nature, existing on the fringes of filmdom, never quite enjoying a resounding presence in its own right. An eclectic makeup of film theorists, essayists, historians, fanboys and fangirls, visual artists, poets, and everything in between, classic film enthusiasts the enjoyed a real renaissance in 2011 and can confidently start the new year with a newly defined sense of community. (And if that’s overstating things, it is only because I believe we have every reason to start the new year with a newly defined sense of community!)

The exponential growth of social media has made it possible to nurture a culture of mutual respect and graciousness within the blogging community, resulting in work that is enlightening, enlivening and always entertaining.

Perhaps nowhere is this better illustrated than in the “blogathons” that permeate the blogosphere. Sponsored by either an independent site, or a conglomerate (like CMBA), blogathons rally writers together by challenging them to dig deep into their resources and contribute a piece on a specific topic. Typically lasting anywhere from a day to a week, not only do blogathons result in a hearty cornucopia of material, they are an invaluable tool for writers to connect with fellow colleagues on an international scale.

The Pictorial signs off for 2011 with a review of some of our favorite blogathons of the year. If you missed any of these, I can’t think of a better way to spend some of the idle holiday hours than by giving them a good long read.

Grand work, everyone! Every last one of you is, without doubt, an:

Film Noir Blogathon
Hosted by Self Styled Siren

The Nicholas Ray Blogathon
Hosted by cinemaviewfinder

Margaret Lockwood Blogathon
Hosted by Shroud of Thoughts

The Dick Van Dyke Show Blogathon
Hosted by Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

The CMBA Guilty Pleasures Blogathon:
Hosted by CMBA (Classic Movie Blog Association)

The Films of 1939 Blogathon
Hosted by CMBA

The Late Films Blogathon
Hosted by Shadowplay

The Charlie Chaplin Blogathon
Hosted by Park Circus Films

Hosted by Carole & Co.

For The Boys Blogathon
Hosted by The Scarlett Olive

Fashion in Film Blogathon
Hosted by The Hollywood Revue

Dueling Divas Blogathon
Hosted by Backlots

The Loving Lucy Blogathon
Hosted by True Classics

The Queer Film Blogathon
Hosted by Garbo Laughs

The Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Appreciation Blogathon
Hosted by Viv And Larry

Blog it for Baby: The Jean Harlow Blogathon
Hosted by… Us 😉

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Film writer and social media marketing professional. 2019 Social Ambassador for the 10th Annual TCM Classic Film Festival. Previously: social media associate at Warner Archive and script writer for Turner Classic Movies. Working on a Montgomery Clift biography due late 2020.

6 thoughts on “2011 Best of the Blogathons RoundUp

  1. Thanks for the mention! It has been a wonderful year for classic film bloggers, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating in most of these events over the past twelve months–especially blogging for Baby, which gave me an excuse to wax rhapsodic about Libeled Lady (not that I really needed one)! I’m so glad to have gotten to know you through blog stuffs and Twitter this year. Here’s to many more years of classic movie fandom! 😀

  2. Thanks for the mention!! The Dueling Divas Blogathon was so much fun to host, and I was honored to participate in many of the other blogathons you mention here too. So much creative talent in the classic film community!

  3. Great list of top-drawer 2011 blogathons, Kitty. My own entry for yours celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jean Harlow’s birth (which belongs on your list, by the way) continues to be one of the most popular of my posts.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I appreciate you including “Carole-tennial(+3)!” (don’t forget that exclamation point; it makes all the difference!) among your blogathon highlights. It was a thrill hosting it and getting all the many fine entries. Conversely, I was delighted to take part in several other blogathons during 2011 — and that includes yours, which I gave tribute to in my most recent entry that also concerns an automobile once owned by the actress who portrayed your pseudonym. People will be able to see it in Pasadena on Monday: http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/473707.html

  5. Thanks for mentioning the Viv and Larry blogathon! I was also glad to participate in some of the others listed here. Have a great 2012 and keep up the amazing work here at the Pictorial!

  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Fashion in Film blogathon! Thanks for the mention and I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings for the classic film blogging community.

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