For Your Consideration: The Year Classic Film Made a Comeback

6 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: The Year Classic Film Made a Comeback”

  1. Thanks for the great summary of these new classics-inspired films. I have to say that I love the idea of a silent film being made today that is true (mostly) to those early classic films and the real-life drama of the intoroduction of sound and the natural waxing and waining of the big stars. The other films mentioned too are also very critically deserving. Yet as much of a classicist as I am, I can’t help feeling that we have now reached the point where nostalgia and the inspiration from the past has taken over are abilities to invent and to create new forms of artistic expression. The technology of filmmaking keeps a steady pace of development. Generally speaking, I’m not so sure about the artistic side.

  2. I just went to see The Artist today and loved it. And I agree, one of my favorite things about that movie was the use of that Bernard Hermann song from Vertigo. It was pretty bold to choose a song that is a: so strongly tied to another film and b: use a song from one era in a movie set in a totally different era. Doing something like that has the potential to go so wrong, but it totally worked here. Like you said, this isn’t meant to be a historical documentary, so I didn’t mind that it wasn’t of the era and I thought it fit the scene so well.

  3. Of these films, I have seen only “Midnight in Paris.” It amazes me that Woody Allen is doing some of his best work in his 70s (he just turned 76 on Dec. 1). I hope to be more fond of “Hugo” than I have been of Scorsese’s other 21st century films; he’s quite a filmmaker and I hope to be dazzled by him once more. I’m very interested in “The Artist,” of course, the subject matter and the concept of a silent film in this era is fascinating. I’ll probably wait for the “Marilyn” film to hit PPV/DVD. In the trailer I’ve seen, Michelle Williams seems to be channeling Marilyn – which is what interests me – but the story doesn’t.

    Very well done post, Kitty – I hadn’t really thought about the classics-inspired films of 2011 in relation to each other ’til now.

  4. Great post Kitty and each of the films mentioned are all excellent though I personally would rate HUGO and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS as th best with THE ARTIST coming in very close behind.

  5. Great posting – I’ve seen both ‘The Artist’ and ‘My Week with Marilyn’ in the last couple of weeks and also saw ‘Midnight in Paris’ fairly recently, and really enjoyed all three. It’s interesting to think about how they all draw on and comment on classic film. ‘The Artist’ was possibly my favourite out of them, as I am fascinated by the way it reworks the ‘A Star is Born’ story. I didn’t manage to see ‘Hugo’ at the cinema, sadly, so will have to wait for it on DVD now, but looking forward to seeing it too.

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