Hollywood at Home: 1950 to 1965

7 thoughts on “Hollywood at Home: 1950 to 1965”

  1. I love those classic “At Home with the Stars” types of photos. They seem to have been a staple of Fifties picture magazines. Many years ago, I helped a friend clear out the garage of his late grandfather, and we found a “cache” of Life Magazines, a nearly complete series of 1953-1956, i think. This reminds me so much of that — almost every issue had at least one pictorial like these devoted to the “normal” hum-drum everyday home lives of “the stars.” But I have to say that the one with Brando in suit with briefcase has a surreal quality to put it mildly . . . !

    1. I think surreal is quite an accurate description, indeed! It’s got the white collar “Honey, I’m home” quality that is so very, VERY un-Brando!

    1. Ha, and I thought I was an expert on Gene Kelly’s face! I found a pic of Brando wearing the same shirt as that in the picture, so I stand corrected by me!! I had that pic in my collection for several years without ever really thinking it might not be Gene. Can I ever hold up my head again in Kellyland??
      I must do more studying…….

  2. Brilliant! Where were able to find all of these great photos? If it’s a secret, trust me I understand. I may have to add you to blog roll. Cheers!

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