Remembering Remember WENN

7 thoughts on “Remembering Remember WENN”

  1. In the words of Scott Sherwood, “Well, will you look at the time?”

    I definitely remember Remember WENN, and considering that The Hollywood Reporter (just today) claimed that the show “wasn’t memorable at all after its four-season run,” I hope your readers will comment at and let reporter Tim Apello know he’s way off base. I’ll never give up hope that Remember WENN will someday be available on DVD or via streaming video. Thanks for your post!

    1. when i watch remember wenn it like being with family and friends that the those shows made to feel i guess the hollywood reporter don’t know anything about family or friends i feel sorry for them

  2. I remember seeing commercials for Remember WENN on TV back in the day, but I don’t think I ever actually saw it. I really wish it were available on DVD because I’d love to check it out.

    I guess one thing AMC has always had good luck with is vintage styled original programming. First with Remember WENN, then about a decade later with Mad Men.

  3. I Remember WENN. It went so well with AMC’s then-format. Seems TCM was just picking up steam as AMC came crashing down. I’m wondering what happened to those who appeared in the series – I don’t recall the names of those in the ensemble cast. Will have to check. Thanks for the memories, Kitty.

  4. I truly miss Remember WENN. With the start of the theme song I could sit down and relax, forget the stresses of Silicon Valley and for 30 minutes visit a place located somewhere between 1939 to 1940. No internet, HDTV or cell phones, just a cast of charters that despite their own unique personalities were all very likable people. IMO AMC made a very bad decision to replace Remember WENN for that short lived program named The Lot. I’m sure the show will never be revived, but it would be wonderful if AMC would release the series on DVD.

  5. Remember WENN will always be one of my favorite shows. To this day, I still can’t watch AMC. Fifteen years later and the way they cancelled the show and treated everyone involved with the show still upsets me. They might get back in my good graces if they’d release WENN to DVD, but they don’t seem all that interested, so I will continue to ignore their existence.

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