Walking in LA: Photo Blogging by Foot

5 thoughts on “Walking in LA: Photo Blogging by Foot”

  1. I love these! Instagram is so fun! I’ll be in LA in about a month and can’t wait to snap photos. This post has inspired me to post some of my London instagram pics over at vivandlarry.com 🙂

  2. Love ’em, Kitty, love ’em. You do good work & your dad should be proud. Your shot of the “Alto Nido” made me wonder if you’ve thought about tracking down other iconic movie locations in LA & taking pix. I’m thinking of place’s like the Dietrichson house in Los Feliz from “Double Indemnity” and that sort of thing.

    1. Cheers for the comment, Eve! Actually, the extraordinary Robby Cress over at Dear Old Hollywood has long been documenting the filming locations for classic films. If you’ve not visited his site, do stop by and prepare to be amazed. His work is thorough and quite peerless:

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