Walking in LA: Photo Blogging by Foot

The iconic Hollywood & Vine neon sign

Growing up with an amateur photographer for a father, my love for photography has its roots in his makeshift, homemade dark room. Deep red lights and sour solution are as much a part of my childhood memories as oreos and milk.

My father was (and still is) quite gifted and he certainly instilled love of the artform in me– although I certainly do not possess even a fraction of his skill. (OK, let’s be honest, any real skill at all.)

But today, in the era of iPhone Apps– that’s OK. Suddenly everyone is a “photographer.”  Fancy photo filter apps abound (Instagram, Hipstamatic, and ProCamera to name the few)
transforming hastily taken snapshots into a polished product that once, not so long ago, took hours of painstaking skill in the dark room to achieve.

And I’m a total sucker for them. I get to delude myself into thinking I might still have a chance at taking a picture that someone like my father might approve of.

It also makes being a pedestrian in Hollywood a heck of a lot more fun. The best way to get to know any city is a pied, even in a town like Hollywood that has undulated to motorers since the beginning.

So I’ve rounded up a few So-Cal snapshots taken while out and about that you may (or may not) find to be kind fun– but they certainly here are some Hollywood snaps that you may (or may not) find to be kinda fun:

The First National Bank building at Hollywood and Highland
West Hollywood jacaranda trees in bloom
Joe Gillis' writing pad on Ivar at Franklin.
Santa Monica's 1933 Art Deco Jewel, The Georgian Hotel
Hollywood's super cute "Cafe Audrey" -- a clasic movie coffee klatch
A sunny day
Sunny afternoon at the Santa Monica Pier


Closed record shop sign on Highland Ave-- if anyone knows the name of the former establishment, please let me know!
The Equitable Building at night, Hollywood and Vine

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Film writer and social media marketing professional. 2019 Social Ambassador for the 10th Annual TCM Classic Film Festival. Previously: social media associate at Warner Archive and script writer for Turner Classic Movies. Working on a Montgomery Clift biography due late 2020.

5 thoughts on “Walking in LA: Photo Blogging by Foot

  1. I love these! Instagram is so fun! I’ll be in LA in about a month and can’t wait to snap photos. This post has inspired me to post some of my London instagram pics over at vivandlarry.com 🙂

  2. Love ’em, Kitty, love ’em. You do good work & your dad should be proud. Your shot of the “Alto Nido” made me wonder if you’ve thought about tracking down other iconic movie locations in LA & taking pix. I’m thinking of place’s like the Dietrichson house in Los Feliz from “Double Indemnity” and that sort of thing.

    1. Cheers for the comment, Eve! Actually, the extraordinary Robby Cress over at Dear Old Hollywood has long been documenting the filming locations for classic films. If you’ve not visited his site, do stop by and prepare to be amazed. His work is thorough and quite peerless:

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