Magic at the TCM Film Festival: The Cameraman

2 thoughts on “Magic at the TCM Film Festival: The Cameraman”

  1. Glad to see silents getting great treatment and enthusiastic reception, especially from the young and the hipsterish — and back in the heyday of music videos, i used to say that i thought silent film had closer ties to that medium than sound film. Not sure that’s exactly true, but it sounded smart then. Someone who might know better once said that he thought silent film was not well suited for drama, but was the perfect medium for comedy, especially the kind he made famous . . . any guesses . . . Chaplin’s 1st employer in movies . . Mack Sennett . . who btw began his film career with Griffith.

    Wasn’t there a screening of Merry Widow this weekend with what’s ‘er name? er Mary, ma, may , Mae Murray?????!!!! She used to be your favorite, right? Wrong?

    1. LoL– YES, oh Gene how silly of me not to post about The Merry Widow! Kevin Brownlow introduced it Friday night and it was a simply gorgeous print. Mae Murray on the big screen would have frightened me a while back– but I’m quite warming to her, actually. (I know, I know, how fickle is woman.) I think one of the greatest kicks for me was to be seated next to a total Silverlake hipster, there at Buster’s screening because, oh I dunno, it was a ‘novelty’ I guess– and to watch them absolutely loose control in a laughing fit. It was priceless.

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