Childhood Idolatry Pt. 1: Anne Shirley

5 thoughts on “Childhood Idolatry Pt. 1: Anne Shirley”

  1. Incredible color in the top image of your post — the rusty road/bright green grass/hint of blue in background/yellow straw hat — fantastic. I’d love to be able to get that kind of eye-candy on color images. What was the source? Screen cap? Scan? Any added enhancements? Not asking for you to divulge any “secret recipies,” of course. I’m getting a little bored working with so much B&W . . .

    1. No secrets here, Gene! It’s a photo still, but I use a photo-editing program called Aperture that’s really is quite amazing when it comes to color correction.

  2. I know you already received one of these awards, but because you are extra stylish, I am passing on to you (your 2nd) “stylish blogger” award 🙂

    1. You are toooooo sweet, Robby!! Thanks so much for thinking of me, I really am deeply flattered!

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