Harlow at 100: Day 4 of the Jean Harlow Blogathon

5 thoughts on “Harlow at 100: Day 4 of the Jean Harlow Blogathon”

  1. I was delighted to put a Harlow avatar up for this centennial entry. Usually, I rotate seven different Lombard avatars (depending upon the day of the week), with additional ones for multiple entries during a day or holiday-related Lombard avatars (adding a Santa cap for Christmas or a witch’s hat for Halloween). This may be the first entry (aside, perhaps, from the very early ones back in 2007) that I’ve used a non-Lombard avatar — but since Carole and Jean were good friends, it seemed only fitting; I know Lombard would approve.

    And congratulations on securing the more than 30 blogs that have taken part. All of you have done a splendid job.

  2. Thanks for the mention! It was my pleasure to do this for Jean. ^_^

    One thing: Amy’s blog is actually called “It’ll Take the Snap Out of Your Garters!”

  3. KP:
    I’m working on a follow-up to my first post, with a little deeper look at Harlow’s performance as “Red” in RHW, and the intensity of the scenes with gal-pal Una Merkel, stuff that I’d never picked up on until analyzing the way these two actresses played off of each other. I think it was Harlow’s first real break-out-dramatic performance . . . OK, I’m giving away too much! Later . . .

    (OH, btw, my blog title is “11 East 14th Street,” those NYC addresses are easy to mix up! Thanks,


  4. Thanks for hosting the blogathon, Kitty. Yesterday I wished my sister Kat a happy birthday and asked if she knew who else was celebrating a natal anniversary and she replied, “Yes, Jean Harlow.” (Okay, my other sister told her about seeing it on my blog but for one brief moment there I was convinced she had been boning up on classic movies.)

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