The Jean Harlow Blogathon: February 28 – March 6

Blog it for Baby: February 28 - March 6


The Jean Harlow Blogathon kicks off February 28 and The Kitty Packard Pictorial is rounding up contributors! The original Platinum Blonde Bombshell’s 100th birthday is March 3rd and the Pictorial is honoring her life and work with a weeklong Blogathon. The event is being held in conjunction with the release of the new book on her life and the new Jean Harlow exhibit at the Max Factor Museum in Hollywood.

Her tragically short life spent most of the century shrouded in sensationalism– but the past 20 years has witnessed a sweeping away of those old cobwebs. The latest testament to her worth as an actress and her beauty as a human being is Darrell Rooney and Mark Vieira’s new book, Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital. A copy of which, The Pictorial will be giving away to one lucky reader (or Blogger!) at the conclusion of the Blogathon.

Within its beautifully illustrated pages, the real Harlean Carpenter comes to life as never before: a sweater wearing clean-faced kid from the Midwest whose death at the terribly young age of 26 left a vigorous roster of films in her wake. The world of 1930s Hollywood is strikingly re-created in never before published photos from personal collections the world over– cultural antrhopology in decadent black and white!

Help keep Harlow’s legend–and Harlow’s Hollywood– alive.  Contact us via email — we’d love to have your blog join the ranks with ours!

Rules are simple and few. Post a Jean Harlow-related piece on your blog and include a link to the new book Harlow in Hollywood. Topics are as varied as you like– from her life to her films to the setting of the Harlow story: 1930s Hollywood itself. Email The Pictorial with your post’s URL and join us as we watch the contributing links grow!

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32 thoughts on “The Jean Harlow Blogathon: February 28 – March 6

    1. Wonderful! Thanks so much everyone for wanting to be a part of this event! Let’s make Jean proud, and have a lot of fun at the same time!

  1. Hello Ms. Kitty,

    I was going to do something for the bash anyway,
    so this works out fine. I’ve got a handful of interesting Harlow pics, though probably nothing a hardcore Harlow fan hasn’t seen. I just started a new blog and have lots of (almost too many) ideas/topics to share. Also I won’t have to leave comments as long as War & Peace on other people’s sites anymore!.

    1. Having you part of this, Lisa, is a *true* joy! When I first got into her films, your Platinum Blog was THE go-to spot on the web! (Still is, as far as Harlow is concerned!)

  2. Oh man. I *just* caught my breath from the film noir blogathon. But how can I turn Ms. Harlow down?? I’m totally there.

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