Why the Beatles’ 1964 Washington D.C. Concert Kicks Ass

9 thoughts on “Why the Beatles’ 1964 Washington D.C. Concert Kicks Ass”

  1. I love that they got pelted with jelly beans, that is too funny! And I adore your profiles of the Beatlefans — whenever I see footage of the screaming fans at Beatles concerts I always instinctively look for my mom in the crowd! (She only saw them once, at Dodger’s Stadium when she was about twelve, but I can’t help but look for her.)

    1. I wish I could have been your Mother!!! (that sounded more disturbing than intended… you know what I meant…)

  2. I wish the Girls shown on television should come forward and show themselves. So we can have a happy reunion about their unforgettable concert with the Beatles. Remember. Paul and Ringo are still alive and their now in their prime. We are not getting any younger and I hope we can do this at least one more time. Life is too short .

  3. Good words. You got it just right. Especially this bit: “On Febraury 11 1964, however, what the audience got was a concert as performed by your local high school band. Only … they kinda happen to be the best rock band on the planet.”

    Here are a couple of additional thoughts for you…

    It was loud in there. We couldn’t hear the director in the truck. At times, we couldn’t hear the band. As low man on the TV crew, I helped haul cables and set up camera stations and set up the mikes and mike cables…such as they were; then as floor guy, my headset was tethered to one of the cameras down on the floor beside the stage/platform. Did I mention it was LOUD?

    And WHAT was going on with the fans (girls, mostly)? What was that? Few of us there expected it or knew what to make of it. At least, I didn’t.

    Back to the high school band image: looking back, the TV production was like something the nerds at that same high school pulled together at the last minute. We taped wrestling remotes that had better production qualities. Of course, for wrestling we had a script. And I, for one, didn’t have a clue to the history being made. But you can bet I’m going to be in the audience when the Beatles play The Strand in Rockland, Maine, later this month.

    1. Hello, Steve! Apologies for this terribly late response but I’ve been away from the Pictorial the past few months. I’m just now catching up on everything and am delighted– and completely floored– by your comment! I cannot express how fascinating your input is (not to mention jealousy-inducing) as I’ve never met anyone who was behind the scenes on ANY Beatles concert– let alone their first American one! Thank you so very much for sharing-! (And I hope you got to catch the Beatles First Concert showing in Rockland!)

      1. Thank you for your kind reply. Sadly, the videotape showings were cancelled nationwide. Some legal / rights dust up, I presume. In the process of digging into this, however, I actually found three photos that appear to include me in them. Kinda neat for a kid from the sticks in Virginia. It was certainly a time to remember.

  4. Hi. I left what I thought was a quite complementary comment a few days ago, and It’s gone. Why?

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