The Blonde Bombshell Centenary Bash!

A scorching case of Jean Harlow fever has infected the Pictorial and we’re hoping to infect as many others as possible! From now through the beginning of March, the Kitty Packard Pictorial is ramping up for its Blonde Bombshell Centenary Bash!

The Blonde Bombshell

Harlow’s 100th birthday is March 3, and the Pictorial is celebrating in high style– with a little help from our friends, that is. The truly inimitable True Classics, Hollywood Revue, Dear Old Hollywood and IEphemera are just a few of the classic film blogs out there who have joined hands with us to help rekindle Harlow’s white hot flame.

Commencing on February 28th, in conjunction with the release of Darrell Rooney and Mark Vieira’s keenly anticipated book Harlow in Hollywood, and running until March 6th, the Pictorial will host a special Jean Harlow Blogathon wherein one luck reader will have a chance to win a copy of the new Jean Harlow book!

And, because we’re so thrilled with this renewed attention on Jean, we’ve also decided to give away a new copy of the Jean Harlow DVD box set from TCM! Winning is easy: simply read the  Darrell Rooney/Mark Vieira interview either here at the Pictorial or at any of our affiliate blogs and answer the following question: In what year did Jean Harlow open ‘The Blonde Room’ at the Max Factor Studio in Hollywood? Email us the correct response and Jean Harlow’s first ever DVD box set could be yours!

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