1. Thanks Kitty for this great interview of Darrell Rooney and Mark Vieira. This sounds like a great book and a fascinating story. And with the combined talents of the authors, a high quality production. Your interview captured the really fascinating background story.

  2. To say that I’m really looking forward to this book would be an understatement — anything that helps clarify the Harlow legacy is something I approve. Not only was she an icon as an actress, but an admirable person.

    As a longtime fan of Jean’s close friend Carole Lombard — someone who shared many of Harlow’s beloved qualities — I would love to someday create a similar book about her.

    1. You put it so wonderfully, my dear: not only was she an icon as an actress, but an admirable *person*! Bang on the dot. So… *is* there a definitive Lombard book out there? If not, destiny must have pre-ordained you for that role… 😉

    1. Thanks *so* much! That really means a lot, coming from you! I admire your work over at Viv and Larry so very much!

  3. Excellent interview! I always wondered what happened to the Grand Hotel premiere ledger because I always thought that would be one of the greatest pieces of Hollywood memorabilia to own. Glad to know it still exists!

  4. Congratulations on an outstanding interview! You were able to draw out from the authors so many of the various elements of their creative process and collaboration to produce this new work. Definitely makes the book much more desireable than I would have imagined. It’s fortunate that a collector with an amazing trove of Harlow artifacts teamed up with a first rate historian to produce a book that may provide a balance of great images and factual research (and since they know David Stenn, its not likely they’ve just remade his book with a few previously unpublished photographs).

    I honestly had no desire to read more about Harlow than I already have, having figured that such a short life of 26 years — with only 8 or so in the public eye and dead for 70-plus years — had been thoroughly mined and exhausted. But in her case, it’s seems a backstory without end.

    Again, thanks for the interview with the authors — its unlikely that anything as thorough and detailed will be seen in other media outlets.

  5. I just watched Libeled Lady for the first time yesterday. I spent the rest of the evening researching Jean Harlow and was utterly fascinated. What a lot of life was packed in those few years she was given. I look forward to reading Darrell and Mark’s book. Thank you for the interview.

    1. Suzie,

      By all means read the book “Bombshell” by David Stenn (1993). It was the first (and maybe still the only) effort to research/investigate Harlow’s life in detail. Luckily, Mr. Stenn was able to find and interview many people still alive who had first hand knowledge of her early life and later her illness, hospitalization and tragic, but at the time unpreventable, death.

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