Pictorial Palette #2 – Rita Hayworth

Rita in The Loves of Carmen (1948). Photo still by Robert Coburn

Ravishing Rita Hayworth in The Loves of Carmen (1948) at a time when the actress was at her absolute celestial peak. A love goddess in full bloom. The irony with this film, of course, is that Hollywood famously forced Hayworth to downplay her Spanish heritage (electrolysis, etc.) and yet those same Mediterranean genes are capitalized on for this film. Oh the silly fickleness of Hollywood.

This film was produced by Hayworth’s very own production company, Beckworth, and was Columbia’s biggest film of the year.

This still makes for a rich, deep palette of olive and ochre. Swatch Hexes: #070405;  #70904c; #ec6a00; #961758; #081e51

(Pictorial Palette #1 – Judy Garland)

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