Charming Man: William Powell

The Sultan of Suave: William Powell

Frankie once sang, “You see a pair of laughing eyes, And suddenly your sighing sighs…”

yep. Pretty much.

It was William Powell’s 118th yesterday, and  before the Pictorial signs off for the weekend, I would like to make a formal apology for not recognizing this sooner. Powell was the consummate charmer and the debonair swell extraordinaire. As Vanity Fair once put it, “before James Bond there was the art of the martini”… and Powell’s copyright is all over it.

The Pictorial loves Billykins, and are bidding one and all a fantastic weekend with a cheers to our favorite silver screen charmer (courtesy mernerwastaken on Youtube):

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Gen Y reject and wage slave extraordinaire.

3 thoughts on “Charming Man: William Powell

  1. William Powell married one goddess in real life (Carole Lombard), was frequently “married” to another on screen (Myrna Loy), and romanced a third for real (Jean Harlow). Pretty darn incredible if you ask me.

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