Raymond Cauchetier and the Nouvelle Vague

Next month, London’s James Hyman Gallery will showcase an exhibition of shots from the set of some of the French Nouvelle Vague’s celebrated darlings. Godard’s Breathless, Demy’s Lola and Truffaut’s Jules et Jim are all benchmark films of the New Wave period. Celebrated photographer Raymond Cauchetier caught cinematic history with his exclusive behind the scenes shots resulting in what The Guardian calls a “very French” collection: “Lots of brooding, flirting, pouting and kissing. They include Jean Seberg looking sultry behind a plume of Chesterfield cigarette smoke; Anouk Aimee living it up in a top hat as the eponymous Nantes cabaret star in Lola, and Jeanne Moreau racing her two lovers on a bridge. Cauchetier became the French New Wave’s photographic chronicler after getting a job on Jean Luc Godard’s Breathless, a landmark film, which this year has its 50th anniversary.”

The Pictorial is pleased to present the following highlights:

The exquisitely beautiful Jean Seberg in BREATHLESS (1960)
Anouk Aimée in Jacques Demy's LOLA (1961)
Francois Truffaut filming STOLEN KISSES (1968) on location
Truffaut with Françoise Dorléac on the set of THE SOFT SKIN (1964)
Jean Luc Godard (left) filming UNE FEMME EST UNE FEMME (1961)

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