Grace Kelly Graces Vanity Fair

Thank you, Vanity Fair, for choosing Grace Kelly as your May 2010 cover gal! I must admit that this gal’s heart swelled with pride that a true movie star and not a phony celebrity finally will be gracing newsstands nationwide. And who better to grace newsstands than Princess Grace herself? Whatever she may have lacked in acting chops (notwithstanding her truly deserved Oscar for The Country Girl) Grace made up with dignity, poise, polish and … well … grace!

From Vanity

Next month, London’s Victoria & Albert Museum will feature an exhibition of Grace Kelly’s clothes and accoutrements, from her Philadelphia society days to her Hollywood stardom, to her Monegasque princesshood. matches classic shots of our May 2010 cover subject with images from the exhibition.

The May issue also features a lovingly penned article by Laura Jacobs that is certainly worth your while. Even if Grace isn’t your particular cup of tea (I used to think of her as something of a cold beauty),  the article spotlights the strength and inner beauty that made Grace the icon she is … because without that, well,  you’re just another fading name on a marquee.(Take a hint, Hollywood!)

But gals like Grace live forever.

Some highlights from the VF spread are featured below.

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