3D Charlie

Variety today reporting that French production giant MK2, Method Animation and animation house DQ Entertainment will be producing a series of animated Charlie Chaplin shorts in 3D.

“There won’t be any direct movie adaptations. We will use gags from the films, pay homage and try and keep the spirit of Chaplin,” said Method president Aton Soumache.

From Variety:  The first season, which will consist of 104 six-minute episodes without dialogue and in color, will have Chaplin’s tramp character travel all over the world. …  A 45-second clip played at the press meet showed an animated Chaplin performing one of his trademark pratfalls against a New York City backdrop. The mobile phone he uses is shaped like an old fashioned telephone in keeping with the companies’ ambition to blend early 20th century with the present day.

The centenary of The Little Tramp’s debut is 4 years away. Reinventing the Chaplin image for the 21st century and introducing it to a new audience? We’re there.

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One thought on “3D Charlie

  1. This idea about bringing Charlie Chaplin movies around the world is a great idea. I have been wanting to find a way to let people know about Charlie. People need to know that black and white films with no words are just as – or more – funnier than the t.v we watch today. I tell my friends how amazing he is but they don’t care. My parents think that I am infatuated. I know I am not. Charlie is hard not to love. I have seen a lot of his movies. I want to see more. Please e-mail me back. I would love to know more about your plan. If you are still planning on doing it.

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