John Hughes Dies at 59

John Hughes: 80s Auteur
John Hughes

What would the 80s have been like without this man?

For a lot of us out there, John Hughes pretty much is our childhood. Without him we wouldn’t have had Ducky and Andie, Ferris and Cameron, Bender and Claire, or the world’s most lovable pain in the ass, Del Griffith.

Although Hughes was more prolific as a writer, he is a permanent part of our cultural subconscious due to his work as a director. His sudden death today at the tragically young age of 59 has, I’m sure, left all of us startled and saddened.

His movies, for a lot of us, rather helped define our generation and we still relate to them in acutely personal ways. Watching a John Hughes film is, for me anyway, like smelling your mother’s cooking on the way in from school—a million and one childhood memories wrapped up into a single experience.

And so, because of the very personal relationship so many of us have with his films, the Pictorial bestows its deepest sympathies to Hughes’ wife 39 years and their family.

He gave all of us so many happy memories that the least we can do is celebrate his.

All together now, you guys …

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3 thoughts on “John Hughes Dies at 59

  1. John Hughes was an 80’s movie icon. I am saddened by his passing. All of his movies have a sort of feel to them that is in describable. I went thru 5th grade to 12th grade with his movies…they defines the decade and era. The movies themselves were unique, the soundtracks from these movies amazing. He will be missed and remembered fondly!

  2. sixteen candles is one of my all time fave movies! i can say the whole movie word by word when watching. rip john, you will be missed. 😦

  3. As a queer boy growing up in the 80’s, I loved Hughes celebration of difference. Sixteen Candles is my all time favorite Hughes film. It is the wish fulfillment of getting the hot guy in the end despite one’s original point of departure. It’s just great.

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