Spielberg Snatches Harvey

3 thoughts on “Spielberg Snatches Harvey”

  1. well i agree that Tom Hanks could be right for the role, but seriously, we do not need more and more rehashing of old Hollywood greats. I watched the remake of The Women just to see what they did with it. It was stupidly modernized and didn’t have any of the wit and charm of the superb original.

  2. Oh Inky, I agree, the remake of the Women was a COMPLETE waste of time and money.

    Why can’t people just leave well enough alone? You just CAN’T improve on films like The Women and Harvey so why bother??

  3. I cannot believe they plan to remake Harvey! This makes me think of your earlier post on re-marketing the original classic films. I think Harvey would be a great candidate for that. Tom Hanks is great and a good choice for the project, but I still would rather not see him remake this film.

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