Two Modern Guys in Classic Hollywood

Jeffrey Vance & Tony Maietta
Jeffrey Vance & Tony Maietta

Jeffrey Vance and Tony Maietta are Hollywood’s resident time travelers. Classic film lovers may not readily recognize their names, but you certainly know their work: Vance is archivist for the film holdings of both the Chaplin family and the Harold Lloyd Trust, and has authored a superlative set of silent-film bios on Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd; Maietta co-authored the new (and most excellent) Douglas Fairbanks biography and has recorded the commentary for Warner Bros’ acclaimed Forbidden Hollywood series. And on their blog, Two Modern Guys in Classic Hollywood, they have just announced their intent to give we the toiling classic movie-going masses a Classic Hollywood Summer to remember! To quote:

Getting depressed because summer is here, and every movie fan knows one thing is certain? Hollywood will be scraping the bottom of it’s barrel to pollute the cineplexes around the world? Well, never fear, because the the good news is that we don’t have to take it!! Just travel back with us to Classic Hollywood to revel in the glory of the days of motion pictures…where there are plenty of opportunities to experience the magic and splendor of Hollywood movies in the days when they truly were the stuff that dreams were made of.”

Thanks Jeff and Tony–we look forward to a Summer chock full of events for the classic movie lover!

Check their blog often for updates!

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