Cecil Beaton Exhibition Hits Londontown

As something of a cantankerous twitterer, I have as of today softened somewhat in my outright cynicism towards the juggernaut.  Thanks to Stephen Fry’s twitter page (yes, I’m a voracious snoop), I am thrilled to learn that the Chris Beetles Gallery in London is hosting an exhibition of photographs taken by the legendary photographer, artist, writer, designer and all around pop culture icon, Cecil Beaton.  This exclusive collection of Beaton’s prints is certainly the most extensive such exhibition to date. For those of us unable to attend thanks to rather formidable masses of land and ocean, there is a special 92 page illustrated catalogue of the exhibition available for purchase directly from the gallery. On a personal note, this exhibition ends the day that I land in London for a holiday and I have every intention of braving the jet lag in order to get an up-close-and-personal look at some of Beaton’s most jaw-dropping work:

Sylvia Sidney
Sylvia Sidney
Gwili Andre
Gwili Andre
Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews

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3 thoughts on “Cecil Beaton Exhibition Hits Londontown

  1. My fiance LOVES Cecil Beaton. She will definitely have to check this out. Beaton is really a fascinating character – I wish I could hop on a plane to London!

  2. She’s got great taste! The commemorative book is only £10 if you order from the museum–I’m sure she’d love you for it! 😀

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