Art from the Golden Age of Movie Magazines

7 thoughts on “Art from the Golden Age of Movie Magazines”

  1. wow, these are great! the artist who did the Carole Lombard painting captured her perfectly! (well, they are all perfect, but that is the most perfect!) I love how they did the blush on the cheeks in the early 30’s, too!

    1. oh i’m so glad you like them, kate! and i think you’re a cinch to do that kind of work–look at how good your own paintings are!

  2. I like that one too–Norma was an exceptionally beautiful woman. It’s ironic, in my opinion, that Norma should be the subject of this particular cover about the onslaught of sound when the talkies would prove to be detrimental to her career. I also LOVE the Kate Hepburn cover with its ‘Will Films Be More Daring in 1934’–little did they know it would be the year the Hays Code started on its morality crackdown.

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