The Packard Opinion: Remake Mania Sweeps Hollywood

5 thoughts on “The Packard Opinion: Remake Mania Sweeps Hollywood”

  1. That second paragraph expresses my thoughts exactly– sometimes I watch the Fox Movie Channel in the AM when they show relatively older films (30’s-50’s usually) and in between lately they’ve had promos for the new version of The Day the Earth Stood Still. It really is heartburn inducing! I feel bad for all the rejected screenwriters out there who came up with brand new ideas and get turned down so that pitiful remakes can be produced instead!

  2. Agreed completely, Kate. In some producer’s slush pile is a truly great original script BEGGING to be optioned. But no, they say, let’s take a culturally significant and critically acclaimed satire like “The Women” and turn it into a vehicle for pointless Jimmy Choo-ing and Vera Wang-ing.

  3. I don’t mind an occaisional remake but this is getting ridiculous. And if a movie is to be remade I would rather see a film that should have been good the first time around, but for whatever reason missed the mark, be remade into the film it should have been.

  4. Well put, Robby. Take the recent “Casino Royale.” Yes, the original was a spoof and not meant to be taken seriously, but the filmmakers took the opportunity to turn it into something that ended up reinvigorating an aging franchise.The remake made sense. Then there’s “The Truth About Charlie” which took all the fun and sex and intrigue out of “Charade,” leaving the audience thinking … what the *hell* was the point of *that*!

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