Favorite Website of the Week: Old Hollywood Glamour

For the blogging purists out there who still believe in this medium as a platform for self expression, I give you Katy’s Old Hollywood Glamour Blog.  Since I work in a business where I have to daily put up with self-impregnated celeb-loggers like Nikki Finke and Perez Hilton (gag. spoon. I refuse to even link their blogs here in the Pictorial) I was ever so relieved (I daresay, giddy) to find this genuinely mind-bendingly passionate blog dedicated to the memory of yesteryear by celebrating its glamour. The owner is a makeup artist –hence the in-depth knowledge of yesteryear’s glam trends. She can rattle on about Vamps and Bombshells with extraordinary ease–and does she ever know her Hollywood history! (Serious brownie points to us here at the Pictorial!)  The sheer wealth of interviews, articles, tips, and good-old fasioned mushy musings, is enough to give even the most jaded blogger … well … that warm fuzzy feeling. 🙂 

It’s precisely the sort of blog that the Internet truly needs more of so please check it out!

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Gen Y reject and wage slave extraordinaire.

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