Scott Feinberg's 28 Iconic Movie Dresses

tophatAwards analyst and all-around cineaste Scott Feinberg is in the middle of a mah-velous series of blog posts that take a look at some of the most iconic dresses in the movies.  It may sound rather frivolous, and perhaps in the hands of someone else it would be, but not so with Feinberg. The man is serious about the movies and definitely knows his stuff. And so to come up with this exclusive list, Feinberg performed an extensive survey with fashion experts and professors and combed through the silent celluloid right up to today to “identify the most iconic movie dresses in cinema history.” There’s plenty of cinema history here, folks, and I urge classic movie fans everywhere to check out his 28 winners.

So far, the list includes Cate Blanchett’s red dress from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Ginger Rogers feather dress from Top Hat and Jean Harlow’s white hot satin number from Dinner at Eight.

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