Beatles Downloads – for Free and for Real

thebeatlesAccording to BoingBoing, a Norwegian broadcasting company called NRK signed a deal with TONO that gives NRK the rights to publish podcasts of all previously broadcasted radio. This means that NRK can publish the show ‘Our Daily Beatles.’ The show tells the story of each Beatles song ever recorded in chronological order.

So no need to wait for Paul McCartney to work out the now absurdly overdue deal with iTunes, Beatles fans can now LEGALLY download their music online!
(Of course, if you’re like me you already have your Beatles albums uploaded onto iTunes anyway.)

All 212 episodes will be up by the end of the month. The 14 first episodes are already available on their podcast. (Don’t get intimidated by their website if you’re not particularly up to snuff on your Norwegian–the podcast is in English. 😉

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