Winter Glam

Forget about bringing sexy back. The incredulous fact of the matter is … Winter 2008 is bringing glam back. Waistcoats and Fedoras for men. Pencil skirts and tailored suits. Plaids and prints. Skinny ties. Jackie O shades. Bow ties. Fur–FUR–for God’s sake. (faux, of course.) It is now officially OK to look classy … for the season, anyway. Conservative coverage and maxi skirts are, of all things, in. All I have to say is: IT’S ABOUT TIME.

Ladies: Want to look your classiest for this Winter?  Follow these steps. (merci beaucoup to Associated Content.)

1. Dresses with shape: Putting the emphasis back on the waist, many dresses are now being seen with belts, or in the form of a pencil skirt. Fitted dresses are replacing the flowy styles found in summer, but fall fashion is still remaining fresh.

2. Jewel Tones: These colors are back for another season. Look for jewel toned sweaters, blazers or even an accessory in a deep color. Paired with black or grey, jewel tones offer that popping contrast of color.

3. Tailored Suits: Perfect of the office, wide legged trousers or tailored suits are making an appearance this fall. Paired with a stiletto or boot, women’s suits can go from business to classy for any look.

4. The maxi dress: The floor-length dress seen on pretty much every celebrity will be around until next spring, making it a smart fashion trend purchase for 2008/09. Comfortable and flowy, the Maxi dress looks good on just about everyone.

5. Bows and Trim: Look for classical romantic pieces next time you go shopping. The trim of many blouses have rouching, ruffles and bows that look girly but not over the top.

6. Russian: Soviet style hats and coats are set to make an appearance in the Fall Fashion Trends of 2008. Another great style to buy, the Russian influence is set to be a trend for men’s fashion as well and lasting through Winter 2008/09.

7. Texture: Velvet and faux fur is seen in many designs found on the runway for fall. Velvet knee-length dresses and bubble skirts are a romantic look, especially when in a jewel tone.

Fellas? Serious about your vestements? Take heed to the following admonitions from Suite101:

Brad Pitt--model of genteel modernity.
Brad Pitt--model of genteel modernity.

Outwear and Colour: A brown leather jacket would be a premium recommendation in that brown brings a distinct note of style into your overall look and seperates you from the legions of men who simply always opt for the severe looking, and much more common, black jacket. A chocolate brown leather simply ages more gracefully than its darker cousin, and adds a vintage flair. Brown also co-ordinates much better with most jeans, sweaters, and shirts that will be presented to you in the cooler seasons.

Traditionally, an eye for colour will benefit any gentleman concerned with style. In Fall 2009, look for browns, blues, and especially shades of orange – orange having made a surprise comeback in recent years that shows no sign of stopping in the near future. When matching colours, remember that most blues, especially lighter to medium hues such as baby blue or french blue, pair extremely well with brown tones – strange but true! A french blue dress or sport shirt is not only a staple piece of any wardrobe of merit, but will serve you in wonderful stead in a variety of social occasions ranging from a casual date at the local watering hole, a stroll in the park (when coupled with jeans and the aforementioned leather coat), or a high-pressure job interview.

Accessories & Fresh Fall Scents: As for accessories, one piece of clothing that immediately springs to mind would be a scarf, worn rather rakishly in the earlier months of fall or perhaps more pragmatically during the bitter cold of a northern winter! Scarves can add a level of distinction and personality to a wardrobe that is often afforded to the wearer via a necktie – it is a centerpiece of the outerwear collection and is something that immediately catches the eye of the passerby.

A wool or cotton scarf is recommended, as silk tends to look rather foppish or effete when worn by most men – and as for colour, the primary suggestion is to either find a tone in the scarf that would tie in nicely with your most commonly worn coat, or simply a scarf that catches your eye and that you rather like. Remember, when it comes to accessories such as scarves and neckties, they are showcases for your sense of style and personality – choose accordingly!

Finally, a trip to the store to find a new cologne would be prudent unless one is allergic or commonly present around others who are. A signature cologne (or two, or four) leaves an impression, a mental imprint on the minds of those you associate with casually, romantically, and professionally. Properly paired and applied, cologne exhibits to people that you care about your personal grooming and make an effort when it comes to presenting yourself.

For a spicy yet masculine scent, one might seek out Kenneth Cole’s offering, R.S.V.P. – endorsed by Jon Bon Jovi. Another favourite from Kenneth Cole is the fresh and energetic Reaction. Perry Ellis’ 360o is a perennial favourite, as well as Calvin Klein’s CKin2U, a rather recent new offering from one of the largest names in men’s fashion.

Hopefully we’ve set the ball in motion for the coming season. Now it’s up to you to go out in style!

Need inspiration?  I’ve two web sites that will surely aid you in your quest of quality class:

Red Dress Shoppe for the ladies (, and Urban Gentleman for the fellas. (

Happy High Hat-ing to all!

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